Located at the extreme limit of Northern Québec, the Raglan Mine property spans an area of nearly 70 kilometres and consists of a series of high-grade ore deposits composed mostly of nickel and copper.

The ore extracted from our mines is crushed, ground and processed on site to produce a nickel-copper concentrate. Approximately 1.3 million tonnes of ore is treated yearly at the concentrator resulting in more than 39,000 tonnes of nickel-in-concentrate annually.

Our site includes four active underground mines, a concentrator, as well as administrative and accommodation facilities. In addition, we have all the same infrastructure as a southern municipality (i.e. a fresh water supply source, fuel tanks, a water treatment plant, a power plant, etc.). A road network links our mining complex to an airport located at Donaldson, and to warehouses and seaport facilities located at Deception Bay.

We employ approximately 950 full-time workers, many of whom come from local Inuit communities.

Isolated from all external resources, we operate through unique logistical challenges!