We have resumed our mining operations on April 18. This is great news, for it enables the company to play its critical role, as recognized by our federal and provincial governments.  Our priority is to maintain our operations while protecting the health and ensuring the safety of our workers and the Nunavik population, who lives in a particularly vulnerable region given its geographical remoteness and the limited capacity of its health services. No compromise is made on these issues.

We understand that the current situation causes great concern among our workers, their families and the local communities. To address some of these concerns, we have developed documents summarizing the preventive measures implemented in airports, during transportation and at the mine site.

All the measures put in place by Raglan Mine are based on recommendations of Public Health and other government authorities. 


This document provides explanations and clarifications on several measures put in place by Raglan Mine to protect and ensure the safety of its workforce.
This document points out the various  recommended measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Several reminder posters are affixed at the mine site and in the airports where we carry out operations.
This document outlines the main steps of a worker’s journey to and from the mine site, including all particular preventive measures implemented.