Raglan Mine is extremely proud to announce the nomination of Justin Lingard as Emergency Measures Technician – Level 1. He is the first Inuk to reach this position level.

A native of Kuujjuaq, Lingard's career has progressed well since he first started with Raglan Mine. A welder hired by Nunavik Construction in 2015, he joined Glencore in 2016 and continued in the same trade until 2017. After learning how to control the power of fire in his job as a welder, he completed a 9-month Tamatumani training program to learn how to extinguish fires and pursue his passion for firefighting. This led him to take up a position as Emergency Measures Technician – Level 3 in January 2018. With the support of members in his department, Lingard quickly learned to master the techniques of his work, and in June 2018, was promoted to Emergency Measures Technician – Level 2.

His colleagues are amazed by the calm and confident nature of this young man. In addition to providing training to volunteer firefighters and being a member of all the Raglan Mine brigades operating at the surface, Lingard can now act as Chief of Operations and take in charge emergency interventions. His leadership, dedication to work and positive attitude make him a valuable asset for the future of Raglan Mine's Emergency Measures Department.

From maritime and airport interventions to vehicle extrication, including first response services, Lingard enjoys the fact that his work is both complex and varied. He also likes to provide and receive training. As he says, one can never be too skilled and knowledgeable for a job that can cause fatalities. Lingard appreciates the spirit of brotherhood that reigns in the brigades; there is a closely-woven bond between the members.

As Chief of Operations, Justin Lingard has learned to know and use everyone's strengths and weaknesses. His next challenge: becoming a member of the mine rescue team. And he can hardly wait for that to happen.

Thank you, Justin, for your commitment and contribution to safety at Raglan Mine!