Once again, Raglan Mine and TUGLIQ Energy’s wind turbines stood out, while the photo submitted at the Art of Mining Photo Contest won the first prize of 10,000 $ to give to a cause of our choice at the gala in Toronto presented by PwC Canada!

This year, PwC Canada “Art of Mining” photo competition celebrated mining transformation and highlighted its positive impact both in Canada and overseas. The photo submitted jointly with TUGLIQ Energy put forward the wind turbine installed in Katinniq, which has avoided the combustion of 10 million liters of diesel since 2014 in one of the most fragile ecosystems of our planet: the Canadian Arctic. Introducing renewable energy assets to mining activities opens up a whole new era of opportunities to avoid more greenhouse gases emissions.

A huge thank you to everyone who took the time to vote online for our photo, which allow us to shine among the biggest players of our industry!

The cause to which we will choose to give this important sum will be determined in the coming weeks in collaboration with TUGLIQ Energy.