Technology is omnipresent in our personal lives and has changed our personal lifestyle habits. It is also omnipresent in industrial circles and forces businesses to innovate in order to remain competitive. As we head into new mining projects, we asked ourselves: “What type of mine do we need to build to ensure continuity of our operations?”. And this was the beginning of ConnectedMine.


This major project is about modernizing our mining operations through the implementation of technologies for day-to-day use. More specifically, we want to bring Raglan Mine into the 21st century, technologically speaking, through the implementation of devices that provide useful information both quickly and accurately. By staying connected on the field, we will make better decisions.

Health and Safety

The first objective of ConnectedMine is improving the health and safety of our people. We will install geopositioning devices for our people working underground in case of emergency situations; proximity detection devices to prevent collisions with mobile equipment; and real-time ventilation and field condition monitoring devices. ConnectedMine will certainly contribute to attaining our zero harm objective.

Enhancing the work experience

The second objective consists in enhancing our people’s work experience. Who has never looked for his vehicle underground? Thanks to ConnectedMine it will be possible to spot one’s vehicle from the surface, at Katinniq. Using a smart phone, it will be possible to communicate via video from one point underground, to verify at any time vehicular traffic in the ramp, to check the condition of pumps in real time, etc.

How soon will that be?

ConnectedMine will deploy gradually starting from this fall. First, we will proceed with the underground installation of an LTE cellular network in Qakimajurq. In early 2019, we will start equipping our vehicles with communication modules, instruments and sensors and we will begin construction of our control room at Katinniq. We will then gradually distribute new lamps and smart phones to our workers. ConnectedMine is expected to be in full operational service by early 2020.



“As we head into Phase II, we need to rethink our ways of doing things in order to modernize our mining operations and remain competitive. ConnectedMine will bring about some changes in our work methods and practices. Training will be a key element in this project for a gradual and sustainable transition. We trust in the support and cooperation of our employees to make this new era successful!”

– Pierre Barrette, Vice President of Raglan Mine.