In November 2020, Glencore launched a new campaign across all of its sites highlighting the Purpose and Values endorsed by the company.

In the months ahead, Glencore colleagues from different departments will be featured in a series of shared videos in which they talk about their sense of belonging to the company in light of the Purpose and Values that guide them in their day-to-day work. The campaign will be followed by the launch of a newly revamped Code of Conduct early in 2021.

Raglan Mine is taking advantage of the opportunity to reiterate its support for the campaign, which focuses directly on company operations. The highlighted values are crucial to sustaining our operations. For all our office and mine site employees, these values of safety, integrity, responsibility, openness, simplicity, and entrepreneurialism guide how we think and conduct ourselves,.

Please take a moment or two to view the short video below. It features company employees from various horizons, all united around a sense of shared purpose. Their unity is inspiring! In the weeks ahead, we will share all the videos in our series on company values.

Raglan Mine sees the launch of this campaign as an opportunity to ensure that Glencore's Purpose and Values are incorporated into our practices at every level so as to guide our actions and thinking.