An emergency measures technician, Chantal is the only woman to hold this job at Raglan Mine. She has always been mindful of respecting the SafeNickel Program in order to protect its three target clients: myself, my colleagues and my family. Meet Chantal!


Then and now

" I joined the Raglan Mine firefighting brigade in 1996. Because I was doing my job effectively and of my military experience, I became the first woman to become fire captain. In 2006, a colleague and I set up the first medical emergency team. I became a permanent member of the Emergency Measures team in 2008, the start of a fine and long career as an emergency measures technician."


For myself

 " Throughout my work at Raglan Mine, I saw our health and safety practices improve. Over the years, I have acquired extensive knowledge on how to work safely. Life at Raglan Mine is full of diverse and unexpected events that put us under pressure; this is when we must remain vigilant and apply the right work techniques. "


For my colleagues

" In emergency situations, I am very focused on details because I want to prevent my team members from injuring themselves. During fire service interventions, we need to stay calm and in control to ensure that nothing happens to any colleagues under my supervision. When conducting practical exercises or other activities with firefighters, it is essential to teach them the right techniques, to prevent any injuries in real emergency measures. Working as a team to facilitate exchange of information remains a great challenge for the members of my Emergency Measures crew, but the great atmosphere prevailing in our group is an important key to our success. "


For my family

" When at home, everyone knows that I never leave anything to chance. Over the years working at Raglan Mine, I have developed tools that I use to protect the people I love. I am a well-organized, structured and orderly person, and I make sure that all those around me, my family and friends, are in a safe environment. "


Thanks Chantal!