Larry began his career at Raglan Mine in 2012, working at the dry, then as labourer at the wash bay of Mine 3 until he joined Surface Services (SS) as heavy equipment operator. Driving only 35-ton tailings trucks at the beginning, Larry now operates more than 10 different types of heavy equipment in a professional and safe manner. Meet Larry.


For me

“For me, SafeNickel means doing a thorough task analysis before starting any work; I am fully aware that some tasks can be very risky, such as operating a suction truck, driving on icy/snowy roads, and fuelling 50,000-litre diesel tanks. Being a safe worker allows me to go back home with a healthy mind and body, spend quality time with friends and travel to other countries such as the Caribbean and Europe.”

For my colleagues

“I really like the crew I work with at SS. We often make silly jokes at coffee breaks and help each other on the job. It is a good atmosphere to be in. The last thing I want to see is one of the boys get hurt on the job. Therefore, I am always willing to help or coach newcomers, just like the older guys did with me when I first started.”

For my family

“Back home in Kuujjuaq, I point out to my friends or young kids that they must stop making risky moves when driving a skidoo or a bike. I explain to them that they can get hurt, in the hope of convincing them. I believe that an accident can change your life forever.”



“Larry has often demonstrated enough courage to respect his limits and not take any chances. He would ask for help to avoid putting himself or his fellow workers at risk.”

– Mario Hallé, Supervisor – Surface Services

Thanks Larry!