Last year, Raglan Mine reviewed its community donations program with its Inuit partners. To reflect the intent of this program, it was named “Akkivik”, which means “to give a leg up” in Inuktitut.

Through the Akkivik Program, Raglan Mine hopes to offer a leg up by providing “seed-money” and/or in-kind support to projects benefitting the communities of Salluit and Kangiqsujuaq. The long-term vision of the Akkivik Program is to contribute to the social and economic development of these communities and to create a lasting positive legacy, beyond the Raglan Agreement.

Here are some of the highlights regarding a few of the projects selected in 2018 by the Akkivik Subcommittee – composed of representatives from Salluit, Kangiqsujuaq, the Makivik Corporation and Raglan Mine – and the Raglan Committee.

Trail Marking

Since the past years, the Qaqqalik Landholding Corporation of Salluit (LHC) has been working to ensure trails used by land users are safe. The idea of installing flags was initiated by LHC General Manager, Noah Tayara, and inspired by Raglan Mine’s road safety practices. In 2018, a dedicated team from the LHC retrieved 150 flags donated by Raglan Mine to mark their trails safely. Raglan Mine has also donated funds to the LHC to purchase more flags; the LHC intends to have them made locally. We are proud that our safety practices benefit our partners, beyond Raglan Mine.

« Your donation of flags made a world of difference. During our trip home after installing the flags, a blizzard started and we were actually saved by these markers. »

– Noah Tayara, Qaqqalik LHC General Manager.

​Christmas feast

Thanks to Raglan Mine’s support through the Akkivik Program, all Kangiqsujuammiut (population of approx. 750 people) were invited to share traditional country food harvested by local land users on Christmas Day. In Salluit, 370 food baskets were prepared and delivered to needy families.