Sustainable development serves as the basis for the way we run our business. It consists in maintaining a fair balance between the social, the environmental and the economic impacts of our operations in order to attain our business objectives.

In practical terms, sustainable development at Raglan Mine means safely operating nickel mines in a cost-effective way, while showing respect for the environment and our host communities.

We have articulated our approach to sustainability in our core values and organizational mission. Our Vision, Mission, and Values are enduring and provide the compass that guides both the path our business will follow into the future and how we will conduct business along the way.

We engage regularly with stakeholders on a variety of issues and mutual concerns. We understand that we must continue to earn our “Social License to Operate” by advancing our performance and taking a transparent approach in three strategic objective areas of our business strategy:

  • Health and Safety
  • Environmental Stewardship
  • Community Relations