Community Social Involvement (CSI)

We create mutual value for local communities through our Community Social Involvement (CSI) program above and beyond the direct socio-economic benefits of our activities.

Proactive stakeholder engagement

We maintain a proactive, transparent stakeholder engagement process to communicate our business goals and understand the interests and concerns of our internal and external stakeholders.

We seek to understand these impacts, working together with our host communities to determine ways to optimize benefits from our mining operations or to address any areas of concern. We are committed to regular and transparent communications with our employees, communities, governments and other stakeholders.

One of the most important communication channels for our stakeholders is the Raglan Committee. It ensures that we receive regular feedback and maintain ongoing dialogue with our partners in Nunavik. Since recent years we have strengthened our engagement with communities by increasing the frequency and scope of our communications on matters of interest. This enables us to receive regular feedback and to maintain an ongoing dialogue with our partners.

The Raglan Agreement is everyone's business

At Raglan Mine, every department strives to uphold and surpass the commitments made in the Raglan Agreement. By doing their jobs and carrying out their responsibilities, every team has a vital role to play in preserving and strengthening our relations with the Nunavimmiut.