We are committed to minimizing our environmental impact and demonstrating leadership in key areas of environmental management. We recognize that our global operations can have direct and indirect effects on the environment. Therefore, we are focused on delivering growth and creating value for the benefit of our stakeholders and shareholders while minimizing our environmental impacts. We uphold leading standards of environmental stewardship, protection and compliance, which enable us to preserve the long-term health of the natural environments affected by our operations.

As operators in the Canadian Arctic, we recognize the importance of operating responsibly within this unique environment. Our Environmental Department closely monitors our management of energy and water resources, air emissions, biodiversity and the potential impacts of climate change.

Our duty as a responsible steward of the environment involves minimizing our environmental footprint to help maintain the Inuit territory and to preserve important migratory species, such as caribou, ptarmigan, geese and fox– all of which are essential to Inuit livelihood and biodiversity in the North.