The Raglan Agreement includes several chapters. One of them is intended to offer permanent employment opportunities within the operation to the Inuit, foster development of their individual skills, and promote the economic development of Nunavik.

To attain that objective, Raglan Mine implemented the Tamatumani program in 2008. Tamatumani ("second start" in Inuktitut) outlines several initiatives intended for all employees and contractors, in order to attract and retain the largest possible number of Inuit employees. 

Tamatumani is designed to create positions for Inuit employees and foster better workplace integration. Training is provided through programs of varying duration by a team committed to facilitate acquisition of technical skills required to ensure their career advancement within the company. Also, training in core competence is offered via Tamatumani to Inuit employees. The integration of new Inuit employees is supported through a transition to work program. Theme training is also provided to prepare Inuit employees on what the company is expecting from them; these training components are offered to the new Inuit employees of Raglan Mine and its contractors.

Tamatumani implements several initiatives favoring harmonization of cultures within the company. These initiatives are intended to the entire personnel. Training and outreach activities are offered to supervisors and employees. Tamatumani also provides assistance to departments wishing to favor the hiring of Inuit; in order to achieve this, an Inuit employment centre was set up.