Although the Tamatumani team intends to continue its existing recruitment and development strategies for Inuit employees in 14 villages, a new program called RIDE (Rapid Inuit Development and Employment) was launched in 2013 to encourage qualified and committed Inuit personnel to achieve higher level positions, including supervision and training. RIDE is intended for both Inuit already employed at Raglan Mine as well as future candidates. This program includes a two-pronged approach: the individual career development plan, and partnerships with educational institutions.

The goal of the first component, the individual career development plan, is to establish professional objectives with selected employees in order to accelerate their career development. Over several months, various methods are used to promote the integration of apprenticeships, including mentoring or coaching sessions, and task training. Through these activities, Raglan Mine hopes to draw out talent from the employees of the local communities, in order to motivate selected employees to move up in the organization and, by so doing, encourage others to do the same. Through personalized development plans, employees participating in the RIDE program should be promoted more rapidly to higher positions within the company. Raglan Mine is already starting to see the benefits of the RIDE program, these being increased presence and retention of Inuit personnel in higher level positions. In 2016, 55 Inuit employees benefited from a personalized career development plan.

The second component consists of developing partnerships with educational institutions (trade schools, CEGEPs and universities), located in various regions of Québec, that offer programs specifically geared to Inuit students or have a relatively high Inuit enrolment. Another goal of this program is to offer scholarships, summer jobs and internships, to Inuit students, thereby raising their awareness of Raglan Mine and stimulating interest in pursuing a career within the organization. Through the implementation of this component, Raglan Mine hopes to show the importance of education in order to encourage young Inuit to begin a training program in-line with their interests and, hopefully, increase the number of Inuit employees in upper-level positions at Raglan Mine.